It’s ok to not have a passion or to be uncertain. You may just be a hummingbird rather than a jackhammer and that is more than ok.

Why this video is amazing and a salute to all the fellow hummingbirds out there.

I am a person who has lived my whole life with passion running through my veins, but throughout my life so far that hasn’t been a single focused solitary passion. I definitely have passions that have been with me now my whole life and the biggest one is horses. They have been and will always be something that my soul feels empty without.
There have been times when that passion seemed like the only thing in the entire world but truth be told, horses allowed me to indulge in other creative pursuits through that channel. I have created freestyle dressage tests to music over the years, countless costumes for events and had my camera by my side photographing them.

Over the years I have discovered an interest in all manner of things, you name it, if it’s some form of creative arts/making something, I’ve probably done a course in it.

I was having a conversation with a friend about this very topic before I stumbled upon Liz’ video and we were trying to work out why I haven’t committed to just one “thing”. I have enjoyed every single one I have tried and didn’t suck at them either. I felt almost like I was letting myself down for not choosing one pursuit and seeing how far I could really go with it, until I watched this video. Now I feel inspired to continue to follow my curiosity. This is who I am. I’m a freaking hummingbird.

I have a giant list of things I am passionate about and I am going to damn well keep doing whatever seemingly strange idea I have next with no pressure to make it my whole life or sole pursuit. I am going to continue to dabble in whatever takes my fancy. I am a “maker” and that is completely ok, rather than labeling myself a writer, an artist or a photographer etc or feeling like a should commit to one.

Now I’m off to find a bee keeping course.



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