Every time you point a finger at someone, remember that you have 3 fingers pointing back at you…

Food for thought today comes from something the amazing Melissa Ambrosini said last night when I attended my second Goddess Group evening.

A point she made was take responsibility for how you are showing up and ask yourself what part you had to play in the situation. This made me think back to the biggest event in my life in the last few years. The breakdown of my marriage. In hindsight now I can see how and when events starting unfolding. But I also now see and take responsibility for how I turned up, especially in the end. This is something I have learnt immense lessons from and I will be forever grateful for.

remember this!

This is not easy to write, but I was an empty shell for awhile there. We were both just using each other to fill a void, very unsuccessfully I might add. I was miserable and I didn’t know where to turn to find my way out of the vast fog. Queue the world apparently falling from under my feet, or so I thought at the time. It forced me to re-examine everything that my life was, what I want it to be and find out how I can make that happen.

I can now see how important turning up whole and complete is in any relationship, friendships included. I want to shout this message from the rooftops now! Everyone has their own path in life with lessons to learn along the way. I am going to try to be accountable for my own actions and how I am showing up now.

This quote says it all. xo



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