“Girls” compete with each other, “Women” empower one another!


The older I have gotten, the more I have realised this reigns true. It saddens me to see how prevalent the green eyed monster is amongst the female sex. I have fallen victim to this in my life, as I’m sure all women have. But as I’ve grown older (and wiser) I have realised that it is such a negative and soul destroying thing to do. We should be celebrating other women’s achievements and sharing in the excitement. What you put out in the world, you get back!

Take it even further, look up to women out there dancing to their own beat, or the beat that you want to be dancing to and use this for inspiration, not comparison or as something to be jealous of.

I went along to an absolutely awe-inspiring evening run by Earth Events late last year, the Radical End of Year Party. There were 4 guest speakers, all women that were doing amazing things in their lives and to help the lives of their soul sisters. The buzz in the room was phenomenal, it was like everyone who was there wanted the best for you, we need more of that!

 You can check them all out at their respective sites 🙂

Gala DarlingMelissa Ambrosini, Rachel MacDonald and Julie Parker

Next time you feel yourself start to get jealous over something in someone’s life, take note, it’s your ego or fear talking. Try a change of tactic and celebrate their achievements and their awesomeness, you are awesome too!


Im going to finish with a couple of the women that have changed my life and I look to for inspiration.

Firstly, Aimee Echo. She has been like the sun in my sky ever since I discovered her band back in the 90’s. All through my angsty/up and down teens I had her lyrics/music as a source of happiness and her as an inspiration. As I got talking to her I realised she was such an incredible person, having such a wonderful energy and positive vibe. I have valued her friendship ever since. 


More recently I discovered Gala Darling online one day and it has improved my life in so many spectacular ways. I definitely believe things happen for a reason and discovering her Radical Self Love movement was instrumental in the path I am now on. Through this process I have found so many other influential and great people and that rocks!

She rocks!

She rocks!


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